The Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression is the main institution dealing with the matters of Veterans of struggles for independence and Victims of Oppression in Poland. The Office's functions and resposibilities have been defined in legal acts establishing the special status of beneficiaries of the Veterans' law. It's main tasks consist of:

  • awarding the status of Veteran struggles for independence, Victim of Oppression and person deported to perform forced labor
  • providing the Veterans and Victims of Oppression with help, special care and proper respect
  • spreading the tradition of struggles for independence of Poland


Announcement regarding the award of benefits to ex-combatants and victims of repressions residing outside of Poland 20.06.2014 r.

Due to imprecise information in the media concerning the effects of the latest amendment of the Combatant Act concerning monetary benefits awarded to Polish ex-combatants and victims of repressions residing abroad, the Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression hereby clarifies that:

The Amendment Act to the Combatant and Certain Victims of Repressions in Wartime and in the Post-War Period and Certain Other Acts of 14 March 2014 (Journal of Laws, item 496), does not introduce any new principles of awarding entitlements due to combatant activities or repressions that may have been experienced. By the same token, every person that could not qualify for combatant rights under the law to date, shall also not be able to acquire those rights currently. The Amendment Act exclusively relates to the technical aspects of paying out combatant entitlements to persons residing abroad.

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Polish Army Day in the American Częstochowa 18.08.2014 r.

On 17 August 2014, the Head of the Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression - Jan Stanisław Ciechanowski - participated in the ceremonies held on the occasion of Polish Army Day at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Częstochowa in Doylestown, USA. With the 70th anniversaries of the Battle of Monte Cassino and of the Warsaw Uprising falling this year, the commemorative ceremonies were of exceptional character.

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70th anniversary of the liberation of the Marche region in Italy by the Polish 2nd Corps 20.07.2014 r.

On 17-19 July 2014, commemorative ceremonies marking the 70th anniversary of the fighting for Ancona, Loreto and Filottrano, were hosted in Italy. These celebrations were graced with the presence of war veterans, notably those of the Polish 2nd Corps, along with representatives of the highest state authorities of the Republic of Poland and Italian central and local authorities.

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